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RECAGE: a European project on specialised medical care

The RECAGE project aims to measure the efficiency (cost/effectiveness) of a specialised medical care unit in the management of patients with behavioural and psychological disorders (depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, agitation, aggressiveness, hallucinations) linked to major neurocognitive disorders. It follows 500 patients over a period of three years in two types of centres: one, as is the case at the HUG, which has specialised medical care, the other which does not. The Geriatric Service of the HUG, through the Memory Centre and the SOMADEM unit (Somatic and Dementia)* is one of the centres in six countries (Italy, France, Germany, Greece, Norway and Switzerland) selected to participate in this study.

The use of specialised medical care units offers a promising approach to patient care, aiming to alleviate behavioural problems, improve the quality of life of the patient and his or her carer, and even delay entry into an EMS. Depending on the feasibility results, RECAGE will evaluate the relevant factors allowing the implementation of such units in the centres participating in the study that do not currently have them.

* The SOMADEM unit welcomes patients with a diagnosis of dementia presenting with exacerbated behavioural disorders in the context of an acute somatic problem. The expertise of the interdisciplinary team in patient- and family-centred care sets it apart from other hospital units.

Funded by the European Commission's HORIZON 2020 research and innovation programme

Dernière mise à jour : 19/10/2021